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Bernie the Great

Bernie Safire is a legend when it comes to hair. With clientele like Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, and Steve McQueen, he was once a household name amongst celebrities. He has thrived in the industry for almost 50 years now, owning numerous salons and his own product line, Safire Blue. But, at CURE, we know Bernie Safire is so much more than his hair cuts. Our entire salon loves him and his clients adore him. Who wouldn’t? He is a man […]

June 2015 Specials

Dads, come treat yourself to a nice and relaxing much needed spa day! Call 310-456-1458 to book your appointment now!

Dr. Benya interviewed for Beauty and Well Being Magazine

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CURE Spa Malibu VIP Red Carpet Launch

Celebrities and locals came out to celebrate the Grand opening of CURE Spa Malibu ( created by Dr. Lisa Benya, who has been serving Malibu for over 10 years in her private practice. “Our philosophy is full body wellness from the inside out“ said Dr. Benya. Special guests included Malibu locals sprinkled with surprise VIP guests including Internationally acclaimed fashion designer Kevan Hall, Shiva Rose McDermott of, was in the mix, as well as award winning actress Lorraine Toussaint. Guests […]

CURE Daily Newsletter – Fall 2012

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CURE Spa Malibu VIP Launch Party

You’re invited to the CURE Spa Malibu VIP Launch Party. Click below to view the details of this incredible event. We look forward to seeing you there!